John Merrow – Director / Executive Producer:
John Merrow began his career as an education reporter with National Public Radio in 1974 with the weekly series, “Options in Education,” for which he received the George Polk Award in 1982. Merrow is currently President of Learning Matters, a non-profit production company in New York City. Since 1984 he has worked in public television as Education Correspondent for the “PBS NewsHour“ and as host of his own series of documentaries. His work has been recognized with Peabody Awards in 2000 and 2006, Emmy nominations in 1984, 2005, and 2007, four CINE Golden Eagles and other reporting awards. In 2012, he was the first journalist to be awarded the prestigious McGraw Prize.

David Wald – Managing Producer / Editor:
David Wald has been working in broadcasting for nearly 30 years. He has produced news magazine stories, documentaries and series television for CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, tru-TV, HBO, National Geographic and A&E, among others. He served as senior producer on Michael Moore’s groundbreaking and Emmy Award-winning magazine show “TV Nation,” and co-created an award-winning series at CBS entitled “Everybody Has a Story.” David feels that this is a critical time to be reporting on American education, and is inspired by the teachers, principals, superintendents, secretaries, and many others he has met in the course of his work.

Jane Renaud – Producer:
Jane Renaud is a freelance writer, producer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating from the film program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Jane produced segments about public education for Learning Matters, working on the award-winning Michelle Rhee in Washington, DC series, among others. She has also worked in feature film development, non-profit administration, and reality television.

Jessica Windt – Associate Producer / Editor:
Jessica Windt got her start in documentaries with long-time filmmaker Roger Weisberg on his films “Aging Out” and “Waging a Living”. Since then, she has researched and produced local programming for PBS flagship station WNET and assisted producers on a number of news & pubic affairs programs including “Wide Angle” and “In the Life”. She is the co-producer of the award-winning feature documentary “Resilience” that follows a Korean birth mother and her American son. Most recently, Jessica associate produced and edited the documentary feature “The Prep School Negrowhich is currently circulating film festivals.



Learning Matters is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit media production company focused on education. Founded by PBS Education Correspondent John Merrow in 1995, the company has produced more than 30 documentaries and filed hundreds of reports for PBS NewsHour.





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