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REBIRTH Livestream Interview – October 28, 2013

John Tulenko interviews John Merrow about the experience of making the film, and what has happened since.


REBIRTH Bonus Features:


Bonus Scene: School Takeover

In New Orleans, if a charter school does not meet certain standards it can be closed and turned over to another operator. This is exactly what happened to Harriet Tubman Elementary, which was operated by Algiers Charter School Association. In 2011, its charter was revoked and granted to a new operator, Crescent City Schools.  In this video we hear from the former school principal and staff to find out what the experience was like for them.

Bonus Scene: The KIPP Way

Charter school KIPP Believe College Prep is profiled.

Bonus Scene: A School for Noah

One family speaks about the difficulties in trying to find a charter school to accommodate their son Noah, who is blind and autistic.

Bonus Scene: Students Sound Off

Students in the ‘Circle of Courage Mentoring Program’ at Sci Academy describe their experiences and thoughts about the charter school’s disciplinary system.

Extended Interview: Andre Perry

The full 57 minute interview with Andre Perry of the Loyola Institute for Quality and Equity in Education.

Extended Interview: Sarah Usdin

Full interview with Sarah Usdin, the Founder & CEO of New Schools for New Orleans.

Extended Interview: Leslie Jacobs

Full interview with Leslie Jacobs.

Extended Interview: Aesha Rasheed

Full interview with Aesha Rasheed.





PBS NewsHour: Paul Vallas in New Orleans

This is the 12-part series that started it all! From 2007 – 2011, John Merrow and the rest of the Learning Matters team followed superintendent Paul Vallas as he made sweeping changes to New Orleans’ schools after Katrina. Originally airing on PBS NewsHour, the award-winning series provides an inside look on the process of school reform.

Watch the complete series above – or get more info here.

 Web Series: The Real World of Teach for America

Over the course of two years, Learning Matters followed seven Teach for America recruits as they fulfilled their assignments in New Orleans. Some stories – like that of Kady Amundson – made it into REBIRTH: New Orleans, but there is much, much more that didn’t. Watch the whole 7 part series above, or get more info here.

REBIRTH: New Orleans Extended Trailer

Extended trailer of the film.

The Influence of Teachers by John Merrow
This 2011 book, which covers the state of public education and its leadership, contains a chapter on the making of the Paul Vallas PBS NewsHour series.